Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Character Development

Reading Assignment for Apr. 25th-29th: Ch. 1-4

Describe at least 1 character from the story, using evidence from the story to support your answer.

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  1. Max is a big slightly unsmart fellow who's lived his life in his grandparent basement.

  2. Alisa #4A

    Freak is a confident little person with no doubts or fears. On pg. 8 and 9, he is demanding Max's name using no manners. If he doesn't get what he is asking for, he will not just walk away. He will always have an answer.

  3. Noah Sullivan #24A

    Max is a strong, big, and not to bright person who used to go to a daycare and learned to kick people there. But he never got to kicking weird freak. Years later, Freak moved onto his street...

  4. Michael #8A

    One character is named Freak, or at least that's what everyone calls him. He's crippled, so he needs crutches. He's also really short, but he's older than you'd think, and he's really smart. His vocabulary is huge! For example, he makes a mechanical object called an ornithopter that requires "periodic maintenance". He says words like opiate, serum, and sobriquet, which means nickname.

  5. Alex #7A

    Freak is a very optimistic person. Freak does have a disease which makes him a lot shorter than many people, but that doesn't mean that he's any different than anybody else. He is extremely smart. You can tell on pages 13, 16, and 17. Freak always makes sure to get what he's looking for. Overall I can really say that Freak is a talented person.

  6. Tabatha 2A

    Freak or Kevin can almsot seem mean in a way, like when he was shouting at the movers. But once you read on he seems to become a nicer person. But sometimes it as if he dosen't now how to be nice. Even tought he is in the 7th grade and still under three feet tall because of his disease called Mrqoio Syndrome he is a very smart boy.

  7. Max is a very large boy who lives with his Grandma and Grandpa. He also said in the book"I never had a brain until Freak came along and let me borrow his for a while",so it sounds like he's not very smart.It seems like he's a bit of a bully but it seems like they were mean to him too.

  8. Lauren Neilsen #19A

    "Freak" or Kevin is a very intelligent boy who is an outsider just like Max. He is crippled and likes robots. As said in the story he talks all about robots in his "dictionary talk" on page 18. He is a main character.

  9. Sam D. 10L Sorry if I post this a bit early...

    Freak (Kevin)Avery is not an average boy. He is diagnosed with morquio syndrome. The symptoms are "Knock-Knees",Dwarfism,enlarged heart,abnormal heart development,abnormal skeletal development,and widely spaced teeth. Now Freak is a character I'll remember for a long time. He is a very sophisticated. Also I'd like to call Freak "a walking dictionary" mostly because he like to use words like bionical. But,Freak is a good hearted kid. He's like you and me. Now if you look on the cover of the book you'll see Max (who I'll be describing later) and Freak. Now,it's pretty obvious that one of the symptoms is dwarfism. Also,Freak likes to call himself "Robot Man" because he wears leg braces.

    This is the introduction of Freak's mom "The Fair Gwen of Air" or simply Gwen. They call her that because anyone who knows her think that she is the most beautiful woman. Max says that she looks like one of those movie stars. But,she loves her son Freak. Like a regular parent loves a regular kid,and I emphasive regular.

    Max Kane is know as a giant. Also know as "Kicker" because as a kid he would kick everybody. Though not as smart as Freak. People consider him as Dim-witted. But,I think the problem is that he's not reaching his full potential.

  10. Paige#4l1
    Kevin ,also known as Freak, is a super smart boy. He is also known as the walking dictionary because, when he talks he uses big words that a lot of kids his age might not know. Freak is very small for his age. He enjoys robots and the knights of the round table.

  11. Tori#2L

    Max or "Kicker"(as he was called in pre-school)is not a very bright individual and can be called a bully.He lives in his grandparent's basment because of something that happend to his parents. So when Freak moves in and lets kicker barrow his brain they become Freak the Mighty.

  12. Brooke D. #9L

    Max is not the brightest kid in the world. In preschool he wsa called "Kicker" because everyone who tried to hug or kiss him he would be self-defensive and kick them. He also lives in his grandparents basement. When Freak moved in he let "Kicker" use his brain and that's hoe they became Freak the Mighty.

  13. Freak or Kevin is "like a human dictionary." He loves the stories of King Arthur and the Round Table, and robots. He is the shortest person in the book so far. Max or "Kicker" thought that he was a kindergartener. But then he heard him speak. Freak can make a very poorly written story to a very colorful and interesting novel. He can read a sentence to loud and it just makes want to read more. This is Freak or (Kevin).

  14. GabrielB. #3l Max is not very smart. But he is a very strong boy. In preschool people would try to hug or kiss him.He would kick them. Max lives in his grandparent's basement when something happened to his parents. He calls his grandparents Grim and Gram.

  15. Freak or Kevin is one of the most interesting characters in the book. Kevin is a disabled kid who is very short but very smart. He also is in love with robots. His favorite activities are watching television and reading all sorts of books. I can connect with Kevin because I am very smart and love to read. I think that Kevin is a cool character and will play a huge part in the book.

  16. james14l1
    Right now everybody is writing about Kevin, but I am going to write about Max or as his grandparents call him Maxwell. The Titanic Max is growing so rapidly that his feet don't even fit his shoes. (Gram and grim), his grandparents decided that he shouldn't even wear shoes at all this summer. Max is not that bright of a kid and people call him stupid. I think that Max just doesn't have a person to help him understand how to figure things out. Kevin is just the right person to do that.

  17. Esperanza Garcia #14L

    Freak (Kevin) is like a "human dictionary".(pg.13)He loves the stories from the old times like King Arthur for example. He knows all about the round table.(pg. 16) Also, he has read about pretty much everything.

    Max is an L.D (learning disabled) kid who is very, very tall (pg.19). He lives in the basement and with his grandparents Grim and Gram.(pg.1)